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Por qué mi nariz moquea cuando hace frío


If you notice that your nose is running even when it is cold and you are wondering what the cause might be, we will answer this question immediately. Because it is something more normal and natural than it may seem, it is a mechanism of the body that acts to adapt to cold and low temperatures. You don’t have a cold, it’s annoying because you go out in the middle of winter and your nose starts to run.

You arrive in a closed place, with heating and a more pleasant temperature and the dripping stops. If so, you should not worry, because it is completely natural. This happens to most people and is a normal reaction of your body, a defense mechanism in a stressful situation . Find out what this phenomenon consists of and why it happens.


Why does the nose run in the cold?

What is colloquially known as the common cold is called rhinorrhea. It can vary a lot, sometimes it is a clear and watery liquid, other times it can be thick, more opaque, it can be periodic or permanent, in short, the winter cold is completely variable. In any case, this is not a symptom of a cold or illness. .

In fact, a cold in the cold means that your body is working properly. This mucus has a very important function as it prevents microbes, bacteria, contaminants and external agents from reaching the lungs. Colds can occur in many ways when you are cold , crying due to allergies or, as is the case, due to low temperatures.

When it’s cold, the body needs to restore the temperature by warming the air, and it does when you have a runny nose. Cold air is usually dry, so the body needs to create moisture to raise the temperature. The nose runs when there is a change in temperature, when hot air is expelled and comes into contact with cold , condensation occurs.

As you can see, the effect is similar to that made of glass or steel. At night, when the cold worsens on the street and the heat is produced inside, condensation forms in the windows in the form of moisture droplets. Therefore, you should not worry if your nose runs in the cold because the only thing it tells you is that your body is functioning normally.

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